Abaca is constantly searching for the best quality natural fibers in the market. Here are a few examples of the materials we pride ourselves on:




An iconic furniture material. Wicker is known for its strength and durability, allow for the creation of attractive both indoor and outdoor designs.



Native from Africa and Asia, a popular choice due to its flexibility and its ability to hold vivid color. . 


Astor rope:

Natural or dark rope is more suited for indoor settings. Astor’s natural tones rest easily in neutral settings. Our Domani II and Vivendo collection, in natural and dark rope, show how this material can be combined with pine Wood to create a sophisticated design.




Abaca is present in some of our Wall Decor, Sofa Tables and Lamps. It is ideal for adapting into many shapes and it is highly resilient. The natural look of this material adds a touch of exotic ambience to any surrounding.




A wonderful light green fiber that creates an exotic ambience in rooms, and adds a touch of elegance to bedroom sets.  Blends perfectly with most home decor and seagrass furniture can adapt in accordance to both classical and modern styles. Have a look at our Bedroom Set 2040.


Water Hyancith:

Water hyacinth is known for its soft feel and distinctive smell, reminiscent of leather and fine tobacco. When dried it is an excellent fiber to weave our furniture. Its braided look adds great detail to our collections.


Cane Webbing:


Cane Webbing is a classic material for high quality furniture and has been used in furniture manufacturing for more than 100 years. Take a glimpse of our Bermuda lounge chair. The cane webbing blends splendidly with the rattan frame.




Honduran Pine Wood:

Known for its strength. We use this wood for all of our frames. It ensures a long lasting and high quality product. The durability and versatility of Honduran Pine have made it legendary. Honduran pine wood possesses many of the characteristics of oak and other hardwoods, yet offers a far greater value because of its natural resistance to termites and decay.





Animal skin that has not been exposed to any treatment or tanning. It is used to wrap around the joints of the rattan poles. When wet, it is stretched along the joints to create a firm bond.